Internationales Ferienlager 2019

Children Summer Camp 2019 Germany
          International Children Summer Camp 2019 age 9-16 years

Round 1 from August 11th to August 18th 2019
Round 2 from August 18th to August 25th 2019
Price per participant              240,00  Euros
Price for siblings each           230,00  Euros

Round 3 from August 11th to August 25th 2019
Price per participant              375,00 Euros
Price for siblings each           355,00 Euros

Canoe trip                                25,00 Euros

Costs are charged when individual arrives to a program.
Accommodation in a camp and full nutrition is includet!

Description of program
table tennis tournament, beach volleyball, sports festival, horse riding lesson.

here's where we swim

bathing in Pottenstein
bathing in Gößweinstein
bathing in Betzenstein
archery tournaments
mini golf competition
boat trips with paddle and rowing boats
horse riding and horse care
hiking and night walking
cooking together and BBQ evening at the campfire

Olga from Moscau while riding!

A final party if everyone behaved!

Information, reference, application here; 2019.html

what should you bring to the summer camp?
(card) games, ping pong bat, ball, a dvd of your favorite movie, quivers for little fishes in the water (that will be thrown back) sports clothes, bathing suits, etc and towel(s),                        a torch, sleeping bag, pillow and blanket and a nice stuffed animal!

It would be nice if you would pack your bag with your parents or responsible person so you know what you put in there and what's yours in case you forget something!
To find the right mediocrity - when the weather is beautiful, all you need is light clothing,              if it rains, you could need hoodies etc!

Before you leave for the camp in 2019
check the weather forecast for the region of the chosen camp!

Health insurance card!
(Additionally, we also arrange a private health insurance, an accident insurance and a indemnity insurance together with a legal costs insurance for each participant for the limited period of the attended camp round

[round 1, 2 or 3 so there is no need to worry about anything ]

 That way the vacation days will be both, exciting and restful in the Children                Summer Camp 2019

Hotline: +49 1578/1904558 from 08.00 am to 06.00 pm GMT


Campingplatz 91282 Betzenstein Franken/Bayern

  • Hauptstraße 69
  • PLZ Stadt: 91282 Betzenstein
  • Region: Bayern
  • Weitere Regionen: Fränkische Schweiz

  Arrivel via A9 and Bundestraße 470!

Photos : Marc Tollas/Kurt Michel/

designed by Marc Tollas and translated by Rea Seq